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Apr 16

Sam Is A Little Jealous

"You fuck him?" Sam growled, his hands raking through Dean’s hair. He ripped back, exposing Dean’s throat. His mouth found the warm flesh of Dean’s neck and left a mark.

Dean groaned, “It was your body-“

"I’m going to kill Gary," Sam growled and Dean decided against explaining to Sam that he had barely licked his dick when Gary pretty much lost it.

And then fucked a dominatrix. In Sam’s body.

Dean kept that to himself as Sam more or less ripped his clothes off.

"Dean," he breathed, pushing Dean back on the bed. He kept breathing his name like a prayer as he moved over Dean’s body, his lips worked little marks in every sensitive spot on the elder and Dean? He just lay there, falling apart under Sam’s mouth, under his jealousy and love and everything that was Sam.

Dean came, his dick buried in Sam who, over him, mouth agape, completely blissed out, was the best thing Dean could ever imagine and all he’d ever need.

Apr 15

Sam always came first. It was burned into every fiber of Dean’s being. Take care of Sammy before himself, always.

So it made sense that whenever they fucked, Dean couldn’t blow his load until Sam was shaking under him.

This soulless Sam was different. He pushed Dean around, bent him over and fucked him. Dean was in shock the first time and came so hard Sam had to hold him up to keep fucking into him. This Sam was an animal, fucked like a dog, all power and pure animal need and no finess. When he finally came, Dean was hard again.

Sam wasn’t interested, just looked at him with a sort of knowing that made Dean’s skin ache.

Dean didn’t come first to Sam anymore, but atleast he did when they fucked.

Anonymous asked: Dude there's no physical way a tongue can hit a prostate unless Sam is a giraffe- .

He is. If you believe. Demon tongue physics? I dunno, it’s fiction. But thanks haha.

Apr 14

Dean Loves Rimming

Sam loved rimming. He like to eat girls out too, got real good at it. Jess loved it. Dean loves it more.

They hadn’t been together like this in…in years. Sam was an inexperienced teen when they had last fucked, had only been with Dean really. Now it was his turn to teach Dean a thing or two.

Dean had obviously never had a tongue in his ass before. He didn’t see it coming. They were cock to face, 69-ing like the good ol days, Dean had gotten a lot better at giving head, Sam was pretty sure he was going to melt when he spread Dean’s cheeks, leaned up and licked a path from Dean’s sack to his ass. Dean had almost choked on Sam’s cock.

"Christ Sammy, is that your fucking tongue?"

Sam responded by licking into him, free hand pulling lazily at Dean’s dick. Dean moaned, a shaky, desperate sound that made Sam harder, so hard it hurt.
Dean was too enraptured to give Sam head, he tried jerking Sam but his drags were unmeasured and rough at best. Sam was doing outright impossible things with his tongue, twisting it and-oh god-curling up into his fucking ass like Dean was the best thing he’d ever have.

Dean let out a listless, quiet moan and then “oh Jesus Sammy I can’t-” he came. His come hit Sam’s neck and chest, his dick twitched and he swore some impossible string of obsenities.

Sam grabbed his dick, tugged furiously and came with the taste of Dean on his tongue.

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Dean Loves to Watch Sam Come

Dean always liked getting other people off, liked the way girls cried out, liked the way they fell apart in his hands, on his tongue.

No girl compared to Sam. The first time Dean tongue-fucked Sam, his eighteen year old brother came twice. The first time he came when Dean pulled his mouth off Sam’s giant dick and licked a stripe over his hole. Sam’s ass twitched, his thighs went tense, he gasped, his eyes wide and came. His cum got in Dean’s hair, and Dean had to see it again. And again. And again.

He pulled out his dick, stroked himself to full hardness. Sam’s cock was half hard still, his gaze vacant. Dean licked into him once, twice, Sam was hard again, whining. Dean had done this with a few women, forced them into orgasm after orgasm but with his little brother it was different, it was glorious. Sam came again before Dean could and he literally screamed his name. It sounded like Dean had literally ripped it out of him and he came so hard Dean was pretty sure he’d broke him. He loved it.

He came on Sam’s blissed out face two minutes later.

Sam Likes the Way Dean Sucks His Dick

Sam had his dick sucked for the first time when he was fifteen. Some senior girl, Vanessa or Valerie. Sam couldn’t remember. He did remember coming so hard, like the virgin he was, that he had to hold himself up on the shelves that lined the janitor closet.

She was better than Dean. Dean used a little too much teeth, not enough tongue, but it made sense. Dean had never blown anyone but Sam, never thought he would be blowing anyone. He had no real technical skill, he just tried desperately to do what he thought Sam would like based on his own experiences. Still, theory and practice were different.

"Christ Dean, easy on the teeth. Oh fuck, that’s better. God just relax your throat. Oh yes, like that. Let me-" Sam slid his hands through his brother’s short-cropped hair, tilted his head back with a slow tug and started fucking Dean’s mouth.

Dean loved it, and what he lacked in skill he made up with his nonexistent gag reflex. Sam came a few deep pumps later, shooting so hard he couldn’t see.

Dean was perfect, better than Veronica. Whatever her name was.

Dean thought he was kinkier than Sam. Lily-white, vanilla silk, sugar-sweet Sam.

Sam had Dean strung up like…like a slave. He was sitting on the bed in front of him, fully clothed, rubbing his giant fucking dick telling Dean what he was going to do to him.

"Gonna fuck you so hard-" he groaned, Dean was so hard, dripping precome onto the carpet, his dick swollen and red.

"Gonna lick your ass, eat it out. You gonna fuck yourself on my tongue. Gonna beg?"

Dean was already begging and he didn’t stop until he came with Sam’s tongue in his ass.

Apr 13

…and the winner is: Steve/Sam.
Because I read this by kat8therude and just… part five. Oh my shippy heart.


…and the winner is: Steve/Sam.

Because I read this by kat8therude and just… part five. Oh my shippy heart.


† the virus sickness † | via Facebook on We Heart It.


† the virus sickness † | via Facebook on We Heart It.

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